A Strong PLN

One week after the Schoology NEXT conference (#NEXT14), I’m still making connections and reaping the benefits of a robust PLN! What makes the Schoology PLN so powerful is it’s members: connected educators willing to share their resources. Many of the presenters at NEXT 2014 gave credit to others who had developed the work that they tweaked, improved and then shared with the rest of us. Now, we can take these resources and re-work them for our own schools and share alike.

Including two wonderful keynotes by Alan November and Jennie Magiera, the presenters at this conference were the best that I have had a chance to see at an EdTech conference. Most presenters shared content that they have used in their classrooms and experiences that they have had with EdTech in general and Schoology specifically.

At #NEXT14 I had the opportunity to connect and re-connect with some wonderful educators, and I look forward to more PD experiences like this one. Check out some of the work that was shared: