Scrivener: a grad student review

I’ve been using Scrivener for my graduate school work and agree with many of the points made by Sam. I take all of my class notes in Scrivener and I also use it to draft most of my larger assignments. I am still a noob and haven’t gotten to work with the more advanced features. While there is a learning curve to this software (I spent way too much time setting it up- tinkering with the settings/font sizes), I have decided to take it slow and learn to use one feature at a time.

Any tips and suggestions are appreciated!

Sam Grace

NSF Word Cloud Look! I made this from my NSF DDIG application!

I just submitted an application to the NSF DDIG*. It’s a big grant and a big deal and getting it in makes me a very happy camper. I had already done a lot of writing for it in Word, which is where I had done all my grant writing previously. But I was feeling a definite need for a Fresh Start, and so I downloaded a trial version of Scrivener** so I could stare at a new kind of blank page.

I had heard that Scrivener is a pretty impressive writing management system from novelists and other academics. They were correct.

The first awesome thing was that I imported all the grant writing I had already done into folders in the Grant Collection I started. That meant that whenever I wanted to check or copy some previous writing I could zip…

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