Guest Post from Shriram Krishnamurthi: Growing respect for Research around Computational Learning and Thinking

Interesting post with relevant suggestions for gaining more respect for the CSEd field in higher education. With the CompSci field growing, it is essential to get well trained and knowledgeable teachers into our departments — all the way down to the high school level (where I teach).

Computing Education Research Blog

Shriram and I had an email correspondence around the blog posts aboutrenaming the field and gaining respect for the study of how people learn and think about computation. He suggested a path forward that was about re-connecting to the fields that the CSEd community broke away from. I invited him to prepare a guest post that conveyed these ideas. Thanks to him for this!

Let me suggest you are probably trying to achieve two very different things here.

1. Create an actual community. There is real value to having all the interesting people from one area in one room. (This is why, despite the trouble it is to get there and back, I almost never say no to a Dagstuhl invitation.)

2. Have your students publish in venues such that, when they go out onto the job market, research universities such as yours (Georgia Tech) and mine (Brown) will…

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