Thoughts on Writing a Lot

I will begin a graduate program in September 2014 and will soon be writing a lot. Writing is hard work. I recently purchased and read Paul Silvia’s [How to Write a Lot]( In his book, Silvia states that writing is a skill that we can all learn how to do; as a teacher, I agree with Silvia. I started this blog to get into the practice of writing more. After reading the book, I have developed a writing schedule and hope to recruit some of my cadre mates to a writing group — once my program starts.  I want writing become a more natural part of my weekly — and eventually daily — life. My writing goals for the next couple of months are to write more often and more efficiently. Silvia and other experts agree that I will only improve with practice, a schedule, clear goals, and good habits.

I will use this blog to develop my writing and to begin exploring dissertation topics. I will also use this blog to build the habit of writing and posting.

As Silvia advises:
– I will determine and allot time to write regularly. (I will start with four hours per week)
– I will use my scheduled writing time to read articles to write about.
– I will recruit fellow grad students to form a writing support group.